intaglio etchings

inertia etching


intaglio etching 9"x12"

An actual barn in Tierra Amarilla, NM, illustrates in real life imagery the physics principle, inertia, paralleling our humanistic emotional state of inactivity. In 1970 the artist, also a medical researcher, aligned with a group of physicians from Columbia University setting up free clinics across the US, met at intervals while she drove an imaginary "infinity" sign across the USA from the east coast to the west, crossing through the gateway arch in St Louis, conceptualizing freedom in the USA. Technically, this etching displays a very deeply acid etched line and heavy black aquatint, indicative of the finest museum quality.

limited edition
aquatint etching


color intaglio aquatint 11"x18"

pause etching

This etching is the last of the etchings in this series. Technically, it is an excellent display of eight consecutive aquatints overlaid with transparent color inks created by the artist. It effectively presents the idea of human evolution beyond the planet earth, into a more rarified, spiritual space. The interplay of patterns of oscillation and harmonics in both the earth's electromagnetic fields and the expansionary phase of the universe's own movement are indicated.

This piece has been titled in an evolutionary state - like stream of consciousness but a stream without time.

  • for arthur clark
  • ode to ee cummings - "perhaps the answer is to eat flowers and not to be afraid"
  • ts eliot - "the intersection of timelessness with time"
  • suspension axiom of the momentum/suspension theorem
  • pause [current]

limited edition
aquatint color etching

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